A message to our stakeholders

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our focus has been on the wellbeing of all our stakeholders - our team, our families, our customers, our supply partners, our friends and our communities.

We are instituting precautions to help keep our team members healthy and our facility clean and safe. We have also undertaken to insulate and protect our clients from disruptions to their businesses. For instance, we have implemented an aggressive materials management strategy over the past 60 days, wherein we have accelerated our procurement and increased our incoming supply, of critical items (i.e. gloves, alcohols, gauze, hand sanitizers, chemosterilants). Additionally, we have executed redundancies in our supply channel, where possible, with respect to the aforementioned critical supplies. We have also expanded our inventory levels relative to the brands and salon essentials we carry to protect our clients against supply chain interruptions.

We are here to help
Over the past few weeks, we’ve had many people reach out to us for items such as masks, disinfectants and hand cleansers. We have attempted to satisfy all requirements for our existing clients firstly, and then new customers secondly. We have avoided, in all cases, persons who have attempted to buy bulk quantities of these types of materials. We are working hard with our supply channel to maintain a steady supply of these products but out of respect and desire to satisfy all of our clients we are having to limit how much we can proffer per order. We appreciate your understanding and aim to help you with your immediate needs.

With respect to chemosterilants, gloves and hand sanitizers, in particular, it’s important to know that manufacturers are working around the clock to keep our community health care workers and emergency services stocked primarily, as well as try to provide a degree of essential supplies to private sector industries, such as ours. Hence, we are rightfully on allocation from medical supply companies for certain products. However, our materials planning discipline has served us well, as we have fostered relationships with multiple medical and dental supply manufacturers to ensure that we have ample stock of hygiene related items.

You should be aware that the marketplace is incredibly dynamic at the moment with respect to health, safety and sanitation supplies. We are trying to maintain stability in this environment with respect to pricing, but many variables are at play and beyond our control. We are committed to supplying products at the fairest price levels we can but please be informed that our posted prices may not be reflective of the prices we charge at time of order placement. And again, please rest assured that we are committed to our existing client partners and are not fulfilling orders for others, with the exception of those institutions in our communities that support us all, to the extent we are asked to do so. We appreciate your understanding.

Better together
As COVID-19 continues to evolve, it reinforces the need for us to act together and think of others, to hopefully prevent the spread of the virus, and mitigate the anxiety manifesting in our communities. We are all one big family in Canada, so it is imperative that we collectively take the appropriate preventative measures and be mindful of, and civil to, one another. Our families, employees, communities, businesses and economy at large rely on each and every one of us to be vigilant and thoughtful – all aspects of our society will be more resilient if we function together, team-like.

Our prayers go out to those whose families and friends have been stricken with, and affected seriously by, COVID-19. We are so very grateful to our emergency services professionals, our public service workers, our health care workers and our health networks during these trying times. We pray for their safety as they selflessly give of themselves for all of us.


Paul Langston, President

235 Industrial Parkway South, Suite 7
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
L4G 3V5
(905) 726-7768


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