Tips for Creating Stunning Social Media & Blog Graphics
Posted April 4, 2019

Amanda Flavell

If you are struggling with your social media presence (aren’t we all?) and want some quick and easy ways to improve your pages, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, using a graphic design site will help you do just that. When it comes to easy, accessible and professional looking posts the internet has made it possible to let people with zero design experience create professional-looking images and logos online in minutes.

To achieve this you're going to need a good design tool. Instagram filters and texts just won’t cut it. The good news is there are a lot of tools out there for creating engaging images that stand out on social media. Given the short viewing time for most posts and the even shorter attention span of the viewing audience, you want your images to be make an immediate impact without having to spend a lot of your time (or money). You want your posts to be something that catches your follower’s eye, something that will make them click and share and also something that keeps them engaged and watching for the next great thing you post!

The secret to creating these kinds of images is having a lot of great templates and design resources (images, icons, shapes, text styles) all readily available, so all you have to do is mix, match, and post. I have outlined below two graphic design websites that we have used. There are definitely multiple options to choose from on the internet, but these two are very popular and offer just about everything needed to get your graphic design juices flowing and help you create posts that everyone will love!

Two of the most popular graphic design websites (they also have phone apps) are PicMonkey and Canva. Both of these sites are really easy to use and have a fairly short learning curve. There are pros and cons to both PicMonkey andCanva but luckily both have a free trial feature which is nice for anyone trying to decide which one works best for them. There are several features that the free versions do not support but you will get a general feel for them to help you make your decision if you decide to purchase one. Both offer a ton of great pre-made templates, fonts, backgrounds and lots of design tutorials that will help you look like a graphic designer in no time!

I highly suggest watching the tutorials as they are great for inspiring you to create beautiful graphic designs using all of the features provided. Personally, I generally use PicMonkey and find it quite user friendly but after a quick trial of Canva I can see that it also has some functions that could be very useful that are not available on PicMonkey. Both of these options also have work features meaning that several people on your staff can have access to the graphic design capabilities so that everyone that has access to your social media can also create beautiful one of a kind posts! Whichever one you decide you will quickly see that using one of these graphic design sites is bound to make your social media posts more eye-catching, professional and engaging.

Oh and one more secret, if you are looking for some free stock photos to use with your graphic design try Unsplash. It’s a free stock photo site that gives you access to a wide variety of professionally shot, high-resolution imagery….for free!

Good luck and happy posting,

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