Time To Outgrow Those Stubborn Ingrown Hairs!
Posted February 5, 2019

Ashley Bannerman

An ingrown hair is when the hair curls back and grows into the skin. It basically looks like a pimple and can be itchy and irritating or painful. Working in the hair removal industry at one point or another all of us have seen a client who suffers from ingrown hairs. Typical an ingrown will go away on its own but what if that client is going on a beach vacation?! Or what if these ingrown hairs have left scarring behind? Here is your guide to picking the perfect PFB product for your clients. Just remember to remind your clients to avoid the use of any chemical exfoliants, scrubs, harsh soaps inconjunction when using Vanish, Chromabright and Ultra

PFB Vanish: The Original

This product is ideal for anyone and everyone who has ingrown hairs. Vanish gently exfoliates the skin cells to help “lift ingrown hairs” above the skin line while reducing swelling and redness due to irritation.

PFB Vanish + Chromabright

Chromabright is by far a best seller and my personal favourite PFB product! Chromabright is a post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation product which has been shown to inhibit tyrosinase activity by 37% (In short, tyrosinase is the enzyme which is responsible for oxidizing and creating pigment). Chromabright is even great for someone who may not necessarily suffer from ingrown but does have skin discolouration such as dark underarms, a shadow along the bikini line or even acne.


Ultra is the newest addition to the PFB roll-on family and is already having really positive feedback! The difference between Ultra and the other two roll-on’s is that Ultra has stronger protective, moisturizing and regenerating effects on the skin and an enhanced ability to correct brighten and protect from skin imperfections while regulating pH! Ultra’s triple-action solution contains Chromabright along with the lightening power of shiitake mushrooms, white water lily flower, and plankton extract. I like to think of Ultra as “Chromabright on steroids”. Ultra is enhanced with antioxidant power becoming your ultimate anti-aging body care product.

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