The Power of Recommendation
Posted April 24, 2019

Jessica Luft

Owning a business in the beauty industry can be exciting and extremely rewarding. You likely chose this industry in the first place as you enjoy helping people and we get to make people look and feel their best every day - it doesn’t get much better than that.

When it comes to retailing, there is often a negative perception associated with it when in fact it can be a win-win for both you and your clients and there is a difference between selling and recommending.

How often do you say to yourself or hear your staff say things such as:

“I am not good at selling. I don’t enjoy sales.”

“I don’t want to be pushy.”

“I just like doing nails or waxing, performing facials.”

“My clients may be turned off if push products on them”

Now, what if you looked at it differently:

· Your clients are already “cheating on you” by buying products elsewhere. Why not make it easy for them to buy the right ones from you?

· Clients often don’t know what they need, but you likely do. When you listen to and develop rapport with clients and build trust, you are more aware of their beauty needs and issues and they, in turn, see you as a trusted professional. Why would they not want to buy from you?

· You likely chose this profession as you enjoy helping people and get a big kick out seeing them looking at their fabulous nails, or seeing their face light up after a facial treatment. Your clients are often coming to you to find a solution to their problem – offer it to them and if you don’t you are doing them a disservice.

How about instead of asking your client “what products they are using?” ask them “What their main concern is?” Ask them “How serious they are about address their concern?” Once they know that you have listened to their concerns and you know they are serious they will happily take your recommendations.

On the other side many of us are packed with clients and as we all know that there are so many hours in a day/week so eventually you get to a point where you are unable to make much more unless you work more days/hours but we all know that isn’t sustainable for the long term. This is where providing your client’s with products it will also make a huge difference for you and your bottom line and often they are consumable products they order on a regular basis.

The power of recommendation could lead to more satisfied and long-term clients, new referrals, increased tips, and even increased sales for your business.

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