The Luxe Oil Treatment
Posted December 14, 2018

Melissa Caiazzo

It’s that time of year when the days become shorter and colder, static is in the air and skin becomes dryer than the Sahara desert. If you are a tanning technician like myself then you know dry skin is the enemy of spray tans. The reason for this is simple, dry flaky skin will cause your tan to become uneven and patchy. To avoid this from happening exfoliation is key! Educating your clients on properly prepping for a spray tan will benefit both you and your client when it comes to a beautiful application.

Some clients may just have excessively dry skin which may make you wonder what we should do. Knowing what type of products to use on your client is very important. Instead of using a traditional solution that may dry out skin due to a higher alcohol

content try opting for a more hydrating product like St. Tropez Luxe Oil Bronzing Mist during the colder drier months. Not only is this my go-to product during this time of year but this has become one of my most requested treatments from clients. It’s ultra-hydrating and will give clients that J-Lo Glow! It’s defiantly the most luxurious tan on the market.

The Luxe Oil is formulated with nut oils that are clinically proven to moisturize skin for up to seven days after use. Apply Luxe Oil spray tan on a low pressure setting and slowly build the colour while trying not to drench the skin with the first layer, apply two coats for best results. It is important clients do not wear tight clothing immediately after service.

Xo Mel.

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