Retail Selling De-Mystified! 11 Tips for Selling Success
Posted January 10, 2019

Amy Somerville

At the start of my career I always wondered how some of my co-workers or industry friends sold product to spa-goers so easily and consistently? Later in my career, as a spa manager I wondered, why were some days just fabulous and easier than others?

Well, my friends… fast forward 23 years, and I sure have observed and learned a thing or two. I am pleased to share these insights and assure you that it’s possible to realize significant retailing success today. Here’s how….

Spa managers and owners - it starts with setting the stage for success!

1. You

How you look and how you sound to your staff and clients must never be underestimated. Being extra mindful of your tone of voice and how you look is enabling. Set the tone for your team……….you are your brand’s champion.

2. Spa presentation

Sensory branding (how your spa sounds, smells, looks and functions) will either work for or against you.

Sound – Set music to match the goal of the day or occasion and especially the corporate image you are trying to communicate. If energy is the intention then play uplifting, shimmy-worthy tunes. If the desired image is one of elegance, play inspiring jazz or classical music.

Smell – Your salon or spa should take advantage of the power of smell by thoughtfully selecting a signature scent for your business that can become a part of your brand. Choosing the right scent improves a customer’s perception of your services and product. When the sense of smell is added to an environment, studies show that a person will recall that location or moment due to their ability to remember the smell.

Appearance – A clean, organized environment is not only an important factor for productivity but it conveys confidence and inspires trust. Well stocked, spotlessly clean, neatly organized shelves invite attention. Make your merchandising dynamic by changing it up frequently.

3. Cheerlead

Positivity breeds positivity my friends! Enthusiasm is infectious. Passion breeds passion. Sharing positive, reinforcing messages with your staff will trickle down. Share what your favourite products are with your staff and clients, and why. Make sure that staff meeting and newsletter content includes sharing positivity and brings attention to exceptional efforts and wins.

If it is not in your comfort zone to be a cheerleader, put someone else in the position of being the ambassador of positivity within your business.

4. Motivate

Motivate staff via empowerment. Treat them all like the industry professionals that they are, and encourage their growth. Let them play to their strengths and passions. Set aside time in your meetings to allow your staff to present their acquired knowledge of the products you carry and/or their particular favourites.

Got slow moving items or brands? Assign champions (specific staff) to each of them so they can study the features and benefits, and present what makes them worthy of more love and attention.

Create staff contests! All of us have a slightly competitive streak so tap into the potential. I’ve seen and heard many great ideas so please feel free to reach out to me.

5. Praise your team

Reward your staff with praise, often and in public! Praise can be as simple as two words - good job; thank you; well done; much appreciated.

Consider hosting team outings throughout the year. Infuse these with exercises that drive positive mental attitude and team appreciation. One fabulous group exercise is to have each team member publicly say one positive thing about each of their co-workers out loud. I promise you, it will not only affect overall rapport immediately, but people will forever remember the compliments.

6. Reward your customers

Reward your clients how you would like to be rewarded. There are countless different types of points systems and loyalty programs out there. Do they work? Absolutely! …As long as you custom tailor your rewards program to your business goals.

7. Tap into your silent salesperson

Having point-of-purchase signage (shelf talkers), electronic media, product displayed at the check-out desk, banners inside and outside your salon will all entice clients to purchase and it reinforces your brand.

Make use of high visibility areas in your spa like your reception area, the back of doors (i.e. in your powder room) or any space that is a focal point.

8. Leverage your receptionist/guest coordinator

This person can be your best salesperson and the closer on your team! This person should sit in on all brand and industry trainings. This person must be expert with respect to your spa menu of services of course, but also be able to share information with confidence and passion about your products. Your receptionist/guest coordinator should be promoting your product by using it personally, whether it’s make-up, skincare, eye or lip or nail treatments. The more connected your receptionist is to your business and products the better for business!

Treatment providers must master the art of recommendation

9. Determine your clients’ needs

Do you really understand what your client needs are? The best way to know is to utilize use a detailed survey or ask every client why they are there each time they visit. What are your main skin concerns? What products have you used in the past? What is your current at-home skin care routine? How can I help you to address your concerns today and at home? Have I met your expectations and needs completely today? Keep a journal of this information for each client. And share with other staff what worked as well as ideas for improvement.

10. Listen to your client

In the words of the Greek Sage Epictetus “We have 2 ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Since becoming mindful of the importance of listening to clients, it has helped me tremendously. Be present when you are listening to your client. When you demonstrate a genuine focus on your client, their concerns and desires, it will give them confidence that you will fulfill their needs.

11. Educate and recommend

Stop selling, and start recommending. Steer the conversation back to the client’s expressed initial need. Inform them about which at-home routine and products will augment and prolong the benefits of the professional service you provided to them. Advise them on how to use the products, in what order, how often, and why it works. Place those products in their hands, empower them with knowledge about them, and give them the power to choose. Remember, you are doing your clients a disservice if they are not embracing after-care products and at-home routines following a professional service.

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