Men Need Skin Care Too?
Posted June 15, 2019

“Skin care” for men? “That’s for women.” “That’s not for me, I’m a man.” “I don’t care, or need to care about my skin.” “My face gets clean each morning when the shower splashes against it - no need or desire for anything more.” These refrains were a good summation of my attitude towards skincare….until I came to my senses.

With time comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes understanding and with understanding comes changes in behaviour. Actually, with time comes dry flaky skin, wrinkles and just plain old looking older.

It wasn’t until my 40s that I started to get serious about my skin. Years of neglect combined with lots of sun exposure and dehydration were painting an unkind picture on my face. My skincare regimen (or lack thereof) needed to change. Morning showers were transformed to include an exfoliating face wash, followed by a pH-balanced serum, a moisturizer with added SPF and an eye cream for fine lines and wrinkles. This new routine was repeated each evening before bed. Ladies and gentlemen, I had committed myself to a skin care regime.

With respect to hydration, I rarely drank enough water on a daily basis other than during sports and outdoor activities. I didn’t realize how important water is to skin health, let alone overall physical well-being. I changed my daily habits, to include drinking water throughout the day.

After just a few weeks of my new routine I started to notice big changes to my skin. Dry flaky “dead” skin was replaced with soft healthy skin; the fine lines and wrinkles were less noticeable making me look less like a pug; and I looked ten years younger. The twice daily skin rituals plus frequent hydration were all paying off and people started to comment about how nice my skin looked. Hell ya!

As I and others noticed my transformation, I started to pay more attention to what’s inside products -choosing to look for those with more natural ingredients, thereby avoiding common toxins and allergens. On top of paying more attention to what I put on my skin, I started looking at other areas of my overall lifestyle and health to make adjustments and improvements. I began eating more natural and wholesome foods, such as fruits and vegetables which in themselves have skin benefits (vitamins, minerals, water and antioxidants).

Looking back, it’s too bad it took me 40 years to appreciate what the fairer sex has known and been doing for years. Now, when my wife shouts out “where’s my toner?” I can’t hide my devilish grin. ;)

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