Lash Adhesives - Understanding Storage and the Love Hate Relationship with Humidity
Posted November 1, 2018

By Amy Somerville

Field Account Executive (Southwestern Ontario)

Senior Educator

Spot On Beauty

MuA, Med. Esth., Vol. Lash Tech.

Lash artists or aspiring lash pro’s…Did you ever wonder what the truth is about maintaining ideal adhesive performance? Why is it so important anyway? Why do we have to baby our adhesives? Why shouldn’t we store lash adhesives in the fridge? How is humidity both a friend and an enemy to lashing?


Just like UV and LED lamps cure and harden gel nails and gel polishes such as CND Shellac, the presence of moisture causes lash adhesives to set or cure, which means, to dry and harden. Humidity is an enemy to lash services - while performing the service. High humidity levels in your treatment room will start to cure the adhesive on lash extensions after dipping into the adhesive, before it has a chance to adhere to the natural lashes completely. Thus extensions will likely have a very short lasting ability, and can pre-maturely let go from your clients’ own lashes in just a few days or short weeks. Humidity is also an enemy to lash adhesive bottles. Fluctuating or consistently high room humidity levels which lash adhesives are stored in, will compromise it. BUT, humidity is the lash artists’ best friend when you have completed the lash service. This should be applied in the form of a nano-mister device which is the equivalent to using nail lamps. Nano-misters filled only with distilled water, give off controlled amounts of super fine mist, and do the adhesive curing for us... genius!

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