How we differentiate ourselves from the competition
Posted September 26, 2018

The major contrasting element that distinguishes us from our competition is our service, namely our sense of urgency. We pride ourselves upon executing same-day order processing. In fact, it is not unusual for us to receive orders after 5pm., fulfill them and hand-off them to our courrier partners. The premise behind this rapid response is the fact that we presume you need your products urgently, i.e. we want to ensure that you never experience interruptions in the delivery of services to your clients.

Another element that distinguishes us from the many supplier options that you have at your avail, is our commitment to knowledge. Not only is every Spot On Beauty staff member a certified professional, but we embrace continuous education (weekly seminars) so that our team is always current in their knowledge and experts with respect to the brands and supplies we provide to you. And did you know that we are one of the few distributors in the Canadian beauty market today that is increasing our investment in education resources; on-line, in-field and in-house?

And finally, an area in which we are quite atypical is our orientation towards partnership and custom sourcing. Our team is expert with respect to global sourcing and our ability to strategize and assist our clients with custom/private label products is second to none.

We’d love to show YOU how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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