How to Get Your Spa Ready for the New Year
Posted December 18, 2018

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The New Year is around the corner. Are you ready? Below I’m sharing tips that all spa, salon owners and solo estheticians can follow to have a more successful 2019.

Analyze your accomplishments and challenges of 2018

Now is the time to look at the past year and see where you have an opportunity to grow. What did you do right and what was a constant challenge in 2018? How do your profits compare to 2017? Did any promotions perform particularly well? What was the feedback received from clients in person and online? If you’re a business owner, have this discussion with your staff as well to her what their reflections of 2018 are.

Create new goals for you and employees.

Create new goals that you want to be achieved based on your analysis. For example, do you want to boost retail sales, see a bump in positive online reviews, or be more active on social media?  All of the above?  Create a business plan to implement all this positive movement.   Also be sure to honor and reward staff for their sales efforts in 2018 and incentivize them to perform even better by setting goals for 2019.

Organize your client list.

Now is the perfect time to make sure this list is up to date so you can have a real view of how many clients you can reach now, as well as create a plan to reach out to new clients.

Prepare promotions for the first quarter.

Now is the time to prepare for the beginning of the year. Contact your product manufacturer and discuss what promotions they will be implementing so you can align and work together to market these services.

Give your spa a “detox winter cleaning.”

Don’t wait until spring rolls around. Give your spa fresh start for 2019! Change up your window displays, take an inventory count, refresh your linens, analyze all machinery and make sure that your spa is sanitary and spotless!

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