Get Your Feet Ready For Summer!
Posted February 20, 2019

Anita Bogo

Since I was a teenager I suffered from cracked heels combined with thick calluses and a corn on my sole. All of that changed in the past month since I began to use a regime of Gehwol products and I have seen a miraculous transformation in how my feet look and feel. Over the years I have tried a number of different creams, therapy and “miracle products” without any success. Honestly I cannot tell why I never thought of Gehwol, the globally known and appreciated German foot care brand. It was in my mind that this brand is for elderly people, who were suffering from special problems. However, I decided that since I had tried everything else on the market with little to no real results I should give the Gehwol products a try.

I purchased two different products; the Gehwol Mel Salve for Cracked Skin to target the painful cracked skin on my heels and Gehwol Med Callus Cream for the thick stubborn calluses on my feet. I started to use both creams twice a day. It is important to keep in mind that you have to apply the callus cream first than the salve. Not the other way around. It is all about the ingredients and the way the products absorb into the skin.

The Gehwol Med Callus Cream has a lightweight texture which absorbs easily and deeply into the skin, it also loosens the cell bond of the hard callus layers. This product should be applied directly to the affected area. Applying twice a day for 28 days in a row brought about softening and a noticeable reduction of calluses. Gehwol recommends that you use a protection cream right on the top to prevent any new formation of calluses. There are different options, but I chose Gehwol Med Salve for Cracked Skin because of its texture and my cracked skin. This cream has a heavy, thicker texture which may feel a little sticky. This ointment helps protect the skin externally, which means it won't absorb right away. It leaves an oily film layer on the skins surface that avoids dehydrating the skin. The cream itself is based on a proven mixture of selected skin-friendly lipids and a protective lipid-petroleum. In addition, I suggest that you can increase the effectiveness of the cream by wearing socks to sleep. If want to get your feet summer time ready, the winter months are a perfect time to prepare your rough winter feet for sandal season. In the summer months a lighter textured formulation, such as Gehwol Med Lipidro Cream, will keep your feet soft and beautiful all through the warmer months.

The Gehwol brand has been around for over a hundred years for a reason; it works! There is a product in Gehwol’s extensive portfolio for everyone and every skin condition. Besides the original Gehwol line there is also Med, Fusskraft, Fusskraft Soft Feet and Nail Care.

If you are looking for an effected proven treatment for all of your foot care needs, look no further than this amazing brand - your feet will thank you!

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