Exfoliate Your Way To Gorgeous Skin!
Posted March 7, 2019

Jessica Luft

Shed those dead skin cells and renew more vibrant skin

Now is the perfect time to get rid of all those dead skin cells and to renew more healthy and vibrant skin for the spring ahead. There are so many different kinds of exfoliants out there but here are some guidelines that you can offer to your clients to use at home.

If you have delicate, sensitive or even dry skin, exfoliating once a week should be enough but always listen to your skin.

If you have oilier or thicker skin, you could exfoliate twice a week but if you choose a stronger exfoliant once a week would be more than enough.

Here are a few popular at home exfoliants...

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) are best for drier and more sun damaged skin, they exfoliate the surface of the skin, it not as drying and helps promote collagen production. AHA's come from a variety of natural sources such as glycolic acid from sugar cane, citric acid from citrus fruits and lactic acid from milk.

Some of my favourite retail peels from Repechage:


Is a safe and effective uni–dose program based on phyto-marine extracts and natural fruit acids that will gently exfoliate the skin, helping the skin to appear more even in tone and texture, feel softer and smoother. Lydia created Rapidex® Marine Exfoliator to provide a controlled application process because she observed that clients were over-exfoliating their skin, whether with microdermabrasion, chemical and acid peels or laser resurfacing procedures. Rapidex®, an international skin care sensation, is the first of its kind. Our unique uni–dose packaging stays fresh, provides a large, pre-saturated cotton swab soaked in our exclusive formula.

Contains AHA from strawberry, kiwi and apple. These are also high in vitamin C and provides a gentle exfoliating agent. It also contains other multi fruit acids such as glycolic, malic, citrus and ascorbic acids.

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA's) are better for more oily skins and those prone to breakouts. They help cleanse inside the pores, it's antibacterial and can reduce redness and inflammation. A common BHA is salicylic acid from willow bark.

Physical (Mechanical) Scrubs: made with ingredients such as crushed almonds, oatmeal and honey to slough off the top layer of the skin.

We love the Repechage Pure Honey, Oatmeal and Almond Scrub. It helps to purify and deep cleanse leaving the skin super clean, smooth and soft.

The ground almonds make excellent natural exfoliators. Moistened with sweet Almond Oil, they help replenish the oils lost from the skin during the cleansing process. Soft in texture, they produce a gentle exfoliating result.

The oatmeal is obtained by grinding up the kernels of oats. It contains both whole proteins and lipid material. It’s known for its soothing and conditioning effects on the skin, helping to absorb oils leaving skin silky and smooth.

The honey has soothing properties. It has a light aromatic scent due to the presence of essential oils found in the nectars of the flowers.

If you have very sensitive skin, rosacea or another skin condition that causes inflammation steer clear of anything too harsh or gritty. If unsure I suggest doing a test patch first. Note it is common to have a tingling feeling especially when using chemical exfoliants but it shouldn't be painful.

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