Beat Brittle Winter Nails With Shellac!
Posted February 12, 2019

Amy Somerville

Since 1979 CND, brand of nail products, has been leading innovation for the professional market, but did you know how many benefits the world-leading Shellac category has today?

Winter dryness can not only have brutal effects on our skin, but as we are all witnessing hair becomes full of static and nails? Oh how dry and brittle they can become too.

With this nail condition being at its peak in winter time, be reminded of how by simply wearing CND Shellac can prevent it!

CND Shellac is the original brand of hybrid gel and nail polish, but did you know it's a patented formula? With its scratch-free, mirror shine finish, the chips just don't happen! And when your nail colour doesn't chip for up to 14 days of wear, neither will your nails, themselves.

Many of the above mentioned features may be familiar or serve as a pleasant reminder, but look at all of these additional benefits...

CND Shellac also features:

· over 100 shades

· zero drying time

· 10 minute or less removal time

· less damaging to nails than its competitors

· hypo-allergenic

· formaldehyde, tuolene and dibutyl phthalate free

· cruelty free

· multiple colours can be layered for custom shades and designs

· shellac colours can be layered successfully over nail tip enhancements

· multiple top coat finish choices including matte finish, high gloss, pearlescent and Xpress

What's not to love?!

Share these benefits and lots more from with your clients this winter, and let's say goodbye to brittle!

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